THE NEXT CONGRESS – Committee Leadership on Key Committees

As discussed in the last Federal Policy Week posting, House and Senate Committee memberships and Chairs will change on many Congressional committees. I will keep you updated on changes as they happen to both the authorizing committees and the Appropriations Committee in the both the House and Senate. For now, The Hill provides a preview […]


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The (Not So) New Spending Bill

The House and Senate Appropriations Committees produced a bill that covers spending for the rest of FY2014, avoiding another government shutdown.  Both the House and Senate Committees released political statements on the bill, as well as a brief and detailed summary. Overall, the bill retains the status quo, but with a bit of additional funds, […]


Below is a brief posting covering the current status of the shutdown, including  information on the potential impacts the government shutdown may have on you personally and agencies that impact you or your work.  Please click on the links for more detailed information. As the shutdown of the federal government unexpectedly continues, the costs and […]